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Company profile

HN Electronic was founded in 1989 as a company aimed in selling high qualilty power supplies for resonable prices. Long experience on power supply market and well known manufacturers in Europe and all over the world helped to get this philosophy running from the very first minute with upgrowing success all over the years.

Knowing that the whole concept will stay and fall with the choice of vendors HN Electronic has done big effort in finding the bests. The growing demand of switched mode power supplies and the decreasing price level pointed out that only Far East supplier can keep the price level on long term. Therefore Phihong Enterprises, a well recommended manufacture was chosen as main supplier. Companies like Philips, IBM, Siemens, NEC and Epson using Phihong power supplies and more than twenty years expierence and ISO 9001 certification proof the right choice. On the second step Protek and Chinfa, also good names over long years on the market with well known clients and a lot of experience, was taken to complete the product range for switching power supplies.

High quality level was also the measurement for DC/DC converters, UPS systems and related products. Over the time HN product range has become a complete, innovative program for every PSU need.

Starting from a small office in Langenselbold near Frankfurt as a one man company the fast growing success soon made it necessesary to recruit more employees. Also the office was too small very soon. Necessity for more room made the company move to a new office at the same location. The fast growing UPS market was the reason for a new subsidiary founded in 1992, located in Zella- Mehlis, a small lovely village in the heart of Thüringen. An own service department for repair and modification was etablished in 1994.


HN Electronic today is a company with own service department for repair and modification, a huge stock facility and has got a flexibel staff who is ready to take the challenge of the Power Supply Market. With power supplies for today´s need, certified with all necessary approvals supplied by vendors who can easily face today´s standard and a well assorted stock we have a confident stand for the future.


Main-Vendors List


Phihong Enterprises more than 30 years experience, ISO 9001 and BABT certified production. 12000 employees, more than 700.000 square feet production area. Very famous in OEM business all over the world.European master distribution by HN Electronic(Motorola, IBM, Epson, Siemens…..)

HN-Power Own OEM-brand for DC/DC converter and all kinds of switching power supplies.

Protek Elect. Corp. / FSP also nearly 30 years experience certified production. Approx. 100 employees. Strong OEM business. ISO 9001 starting in 1999

Chinfa also one of Taiwan´s no. 1 electronic companies. Power supply division with high quality, experts for DC/DC-converters and power modules.