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PLEASE NOTE : Discontinued models, not in production anymore and only available as long stock lasts – please don’t use for new designs !

HNP05-ECO : The energy-saving wonder !


With the introduction of the ErP regulation the EU made a huge step to save energy with external power supplies in standby usage.

Low-power adapter and charger must use a maximum power of 0.3 Watt in standby/unused condition since 2011.

This regulation results to a massive energy save compared to the values allowed before.

HN-Power, a well know expert for power supplies since decades, now released the HNP05-ECO series, a real “Energy-saving-wonder” :

Instead of just working more efficient in standby-usage the new small and smart USB-adapters include an intelligent load-recognition making them able to nearly totaly switch of without connected load.

Energy used on that condition is just unbeliveable  0,005 Watt, a value nearly impossible to measure.

An easy comparison shows how much energy can be saved :

Based on the  assumption that a charger remains in a wall-outlet for one year without any load following amounts of energy will be  wasted :

–      Old linear adapter  (not allowed anymore): Standby-power 4 Watt : 35040 Watt

–      Current adapter (ErP 2), Standby-power 0,3 Watt : 2628 Watt

–      HNP05-ECO : Standby-power 0,005 Watt : 43,8 Watt


HNP05-ECO is available in four fresh colors with internal USB-A socket or with DC-cord and MicroUSB connector.

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