PSC12R – Wallplugin-adapter interchangeable input 12 Watt

General Details

PLEASE NOTE : Discontinued models, not in production anymore and only available as long stock lasts – please don’t use for new designs !

10-12 Watt Wallplugin-adapter with universal input 90-264 VAC.
Together with the up to 4 easily interchangeable AC-clips this powersupply is easy to use around the world !
Overload- and shortcircuit protected
DC-plug : 2,1 x 5,5 x 10
TÜV / CE / UL / cUL
Attention, AC-clips are not included in standard delivery,
please order separate.

Available models
  • PSC12R-050 : 5V / 2A
  • PSC12R-090 : 9V / 1,11A
  • PSC12R-120 : 12V / 1A
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